The CX is our premium, comprehensive, customizable career change program that takes you from A to Z through the 4 phases.

The duration varies, based on how you want to approach the process. Some people prefer to fast-track it with a guided D.I.Y approach, which involves fewer sessions at an accelerated pace.  

Thinking about a transition? This program also works really well for professionals transitioning from the public to the private sector; we’ve helped many federal workers, policy analysts and PhD scientists plan their way forward out of federal agencies such as the EPA and GAO, and policy think tanks including Rand Corporation, Urban Institute, and Brookings Institute.

Phases 1, 2, 3, 4

CX: Phases 1 thru 4:

Phase 1: The career change (CareerCX) program begins with our comprehensive careerfinder aptitude test to give you an objective picture of your natural gifts. Building a new career on a solid foundation begins with being absolutely certain about your strengths, weaknesses, and understanding what “ballpark” of career fields and roles you’re cut out for.

career change program

Phase 2: You’ll make your career quest by taking stock of everything that is important to you and design your career from the inside out. What do you want your day to look like? Here is where you get to do the deep work of stretching your assumptions and perspectives about what you think a career is “supposed to be” and learn how to invent your future.

Phase 3: Here’s where you get to play and get creative with all your career design essentials. You will architect several well-designed career path prototypes that serve as simulations of what your future could look like.  At this point, you’ll be ready for more extensive research to reality check your ideas and begin test-driving career paths that you’re strongly considering. The goal of phase 3 is to narrow your possibilities, test-drive the top contenders, and make your career choice.

Phase 4: You will strategize and plan your milestones and steps for making a career transition. We do this last phase very differently, most of our clients don’t use resumes or cover letters to break into a new field. It’s easier to go through the side door.


Who for? We can customize the program to help entrepreneurs hone in on a new venture and guide executives to rethink and fine-tune their next big move. Many of our clients are highly educated professionals between the ages of 30 to 65, we’ve helped a lot of successful doctors, lawyers, research scientists, and engineers strategize a self reinvention, reinvigoration, or revitalization.


Customizable: The CareerCX can be adapted and customized to suit your situation. The standard version of this program includes the Careerfinder testing and talent profile consultation, followed by 6 career design sessions scheduled at your preferred pace. Want to do something with a little less coaching? Sure, let’s talk.

Dive in or Scale it: Lots of people dive all the way in up front, it’s a good way to stick to your guns. If you prefer to start small, you may upgrade to the CareerCX in one big hop from the Careerfinder Classic. Or, you can scale it in two hops by way of the Careerfinder Classic to the Quest, and then to the CX. We simply pick up where you left off. 

All the programs are cummulative, so we credit forward* the tuition paid for your initial program(s) toward the new one. *If you wait longer than a year to upgrade (from your last session in a prior program), we add a $150 catch-up fee to help you recap your work and ramp things back up to speed.

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Got Questions?  The first step is to set up a brief, introductory call (it’s free) to tell us about your situation. You can learn more, explore a fit, and get a price quote.


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