Career Quest


Our approach to making an effective career choice is to lead you through a career design and quest process. You’ll make incremental discoveries, big and small, and cleverly edge your way forward. Discovering, designing and experimenting on your Quest lays the ground work for a smart career choice or major career change.

The focus of the Quest is an active combination of designing and choosing all the key “essentials” or building blocks of your future career. You play the role of the adventurer as you explore unknown territories and figure out what really works for you in practice.  

Phases 1 & 2

Quest: Phases 1 and 2:


Phase 1: The Quest program begins with the careerfinder testing in phase 1, everything is built on a solid foundation of your innate potential. 

Phase 2: Much of the deep diving happens in phase 2. Most young professionals need more time to assimilate their clues in the design phase by experientially trying their ideas out, often over a period of several months or longer, before they can make confident decisions about their career building blocks. Once you gain clarity and direction in phases 1 and 2, you’ll be ready to investigate your ideas in the real world.


Quest Phase 3: Near the end of your Quest program, I’ll give you the guidelines for how to tackle phase 3 on your own, it’s essentially a “D.I.Y.” version of the “Decide” phase.

For some people, the courting and footwork process required to vet and choose a career is not urgent and they need plenty of time to explore their ideas in reality. The short story is, you can make a much wiser career choice if you “go out on dates with a career before you marry it.” Wisdom comes with actual “living,” dreaming is just a pointer for where to go explore.

The best way to really be confident in your choice is to investigate your designs and test your career prototypes out in the real-world. This process affords you the chance to own your natural talents and feel it in your bones, “I am this.” From there, it gets easier to zero in on the “How, Why, and Where” of applying your innate gifts. 


Who For? This program works incredibly well for young professionals and recent college grads who are seeking a career sage to help with gaining perspective on their ideas and guide their quest to take efficient risks and smart incremental choices. The duration is highly varied, some people spread these process out over a year or more, others finish in less than a couple months. We’ve also think it works well for mid-career professionals that are setting out to reinvent their careers. Let us know your situation, we’ll see if we can make it work for you.


What’s Included? The careerfinder test and talent profile consultation + three 1.0 hour career design sessions. As you wrap up the Quest program during your final coaching session, I provide you with D.I.Y. steps to tackle phase 3 on your own. And it’s easy to upgrade if you want a little more help with completing phase 3 to make your choice.

Upgrades* : Upon completion of the Quest, you will likely have a sense of whether you want more hands-on guidance with phase 3, as well as help with launching your new career in phase 4. These later phases are a standard part of the CareerCX program, and you can add these on at anytime.

*Upgrades initiated after the 1 year date of your initial program graduation date, we add a $150 ramp up fee to review and rev things back up to speed.

Getting Started

Getting Started:  The first step is to set up a brief, introductory call (it’s free) to tell us about your situation. You can explore a fit and ask questions. Or, if you’re ready to proceed, go to the order page to sign up.



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