What College Major To Choose?

High School Student Review: Careerfinder Program

What College Major To Choose?

April 2012

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for the natural abilities test results, they’ve been really useful. I’ve listened to the recording twice and made notes. I want to make sure I really understand everything.

Thanks for all your help and comments. I really enjoyed talking with you and I’ll listen to the mp3 whenever I need a reminder of anything we talked about. As you suggested, I’ve looked into the operational research/statistic field and I’ve found loads, so I should be fine!

I really can’t thank you enough for your help.

All the best,

Joe (High School Senior)


[Background story: Joe was initially thinking about studying physics in college, but his gut wasn’t convinced that it was the best direction. His instincts were right on. Through the Careerfinder testing, Joe discovered that he is “non-spatial.” Thinking spatially or visualizing in 3D doesn’t come naturally. Excellence in Physics demands constant use of 3D problem-solving.

This exceptionally bright young man is now considering mathematical career paths in niches that rely on his strengths in 2-dimensional thinking, high introversion, high analytical reasoning, high diagnostic reasoning, high idea flow, Maestro (individualist) personality, and sensor-thinker (ST) temperament — the perfect blend of talents, traits and abilities for specialized math fields like statistics and operations research.

I’ve worked with many highly educated adults who are bailing out of prestigious professions at mid-career due to a mismatch with their natural talents, particulary the spatial ability. Interestingly, Joe’s dad (also non-spatial) did the careerfinder testing a decade ago and discovered one of the main reasons he disliked his medical career as a doctor. Most of medicine deals with the human anatomy as a complex, mechanical or spatial system. Even with two MD’s under his belt, Joe’s dad left medicine and is now a self-employed training and development consultant, where helps many unhappy doctors find a better career fit.]