Dental Assistant toward Manga Artist

From Dental Assistant toward Manga Artist

Hi Anthony,

It was definitely a pleasure to meet you. I really appreciate the time you took to talk with me about my aptitude testing results. I will keep you posted on everything that happens every step of the way. Thank you so much Anthony.

I feel like it’s finally clear to me, the kind of career choices best matched for my abilities, it feels freeing. Also, now I know why dental assisting isn’t for me and why it wasn’t working for me.

At first it was a bit hard for me to imagine what it would be like (what the future career looks and feels like on the job) but I did some huge thinking. I thought, when I get out of school, what would I be wanting to do with that degree I just earned?

Like you said, the best way to decide what to study in school is to go into that amazing future and than ask yourself … (“How did I get here, what steps did I take ~~?”) and i thought, hmmm, I would love to be a manga illustrator and possibly a fiction writer.

Anthony, I think I have fallen in love – lol – I did some research into fine art schools and I found that I smiled and laughed, like finally, I found something that makes me feel like I am getting a sense of where I can go to achieve this. I haven’t smiled/laughed like that in a long time… hahaha. Though the education can be expensive I will go to any length of searching for scholarships/aid, etc, if that’s what it takes.

I will keep you informed on everything. I owe it to you Anthony, I feel I owe you so much more. life is great. lol.


(A note to the reader about Samantha. She is a very rare teenager who sought out the testing program on her own, without the help or encouragement of parents. Amazingly, her parents actually discouraged her and told her that she’s expecting too much with regard to wanting a fulfilling career.)