The Edge Pieces of the Career Puzzle

High School Student Review: Careerfinder Program

The Edge Pieces of the Career Puzzle

July 31. 2012


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the interview with Ben today. He is buzzing with information and it will take him awhile to digest it.

The meeting was a smashing success and I was impressed with your ability to see his strengths and relay it to him in a way that was helpful and meaningful. I’m sure he will be in touch with you as he begins to develop his focus in his communications degree and beyond.

Ben felt really good after the meeting and now has the “edge pieces of the puzzle” that he can begin to fill in with his ongoing journey of self discovery.

Many thanks,

Beth (Ben’s Mom)
Therapist and Psychology Professor


Update: December 2014


Just wanted to give you an update and let you know that Ben has graduated from college. You helped him see and understand things about himself that no one else seems to know how to do, and this gave him clarity and direction through college. Ben remembered one very important natural ability that you pointed out to him, which is his steady rate of idea flow and how that might fit better with public relations, rather than journalism. He followed your advice and took a PR class, and fell in love with it! He’s now doing some freelance writing to build a resume as he pursues a career to work for a PR firm. 

My younger son, soon graduating from college at JMU, wants to do your program!

Best regards,



February 2015  

(Beth brought her younger son, Sam, to do the Careerfinder testing. He’s a sophomore in college and came to figure out what major to choose.)

Anthony, I want to thank you so much for yesterday. It was an amazing session and I had to work so hard to contain myself, being an extrovert!!! I found myself nodding in agreement so frequently with your assessment of Sam, and it means the world to me that you could provide him with a beautiful reflection of his true self. I could see that it was very meaningful to him and I felt honored to personally witness the “light bulb turning on”. It was great for him to know how talented he is in his own right.  

Thanks again for everything,
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November 2018

Hi Anthony,
Update on Ben and Sam : Ben is now a marketing coordinator for a local construction firm and is learning the professional world of marketing, and is loving it. Sam just completed a year internship (after graduation in environmental science) on a watershed action team where they worked on a grant building rain gardens to address runoff after the Ellicott City flood. He is starting a new job soon at a landscape an environmental company doing more field work.  I am extremely proud of them. 
Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

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