Now What: Nothing Out There Like It

Career Coach Review of the Now What? Book on

August 3, 2011


As a career coach, I couldn’t recommend a book more highly than Now What. This is due in large part to the Career Finder Toolkit. There is nothing out there like it. I’ve found it to be an amazing tool for my clients.

While there are some other very good career books available, they are supplemental to Now What and Lore’s earlier book, The Pathfinder. Even the best, classic career books stop at identifying Psychological Type and/or subject interest, which, while essential to integrate into career decision making, are only pieces of the puzzle. Now What? not only helps identify Type and interests, but also aptitude, a critical element to consider when figuring out what to do with one’s life.

Additionally, Lore and Spadafore help the reader incorporate other pieces of the career puzzle by providing exercises on personal preferences for meaning, values, environment, and natural roles. I encourage my clients to use these exercises to help them discern which questions are the most critical to ask themselves. I also encourage them to take the Careerfinder Test, which Lore helped design, to really nail down their strongest aptitudes. It’s a sophisticated assessment, so it’s not cheap, but the benefits of getting and using one’s results are immeasurable. (I took it myself after reading the book!)

In summary, the authors take a much more holistic approach to career design than any of the other writers I’ve read. In my opinion, Now What? is a must for old and young career seekers alike.

Katie Rice

Career Coach