Rabbinical School to Business Innovation Consultant

From Rabbinical School to Business Innovation Consultant

Hope everything is going well with you and things are working out with the new book, etc. Everything at the consulting firm is going well — my tasks and purpose were perfectly in-line with my career vision, but my location and working arrangement weren’t a good fitÖ so I had them relocate me to a midwest metropolis! Now all three [my talents, sense of meaning and work setting] are in-line and I’m having a great time with my work.

I continue to spend a lot of time trying to hone my career goals/path and continue to refer back to my career design notebook that I created when we worked together – besides being a great one-time exercise, it has really provided me with the tools that I need to run with this on my own – so thanks for that!

Hope everything is well,

almost 30-something

Just wanted to give you a small update on how things are going for me; I’m not sure if you remember, but what I came out with at the end of my career design was that I wanted to work in an analytical and problem-solving environment with a physical high-tech system in a highly skilled small team in a very professional environment. Well, that’s pretty much what I’m doing.

After I joined the consulting firm, I found out that they have a Tech Labs group that works with business applications of emerging technologies. I’m working on my transfer to that department, so I am on a project that they are heavily involved in with that deals with computer-aided predictive monitoring for equipment in a power plant using remote sensor technology! (Basically, being able to predict when stuff is going to break before it does and you have a big problem on your hands…)

So, thanks again. It’s just amazing how, once I knew what I was looking for, things just started to fall into place. It’s kind of like when you are thinking about buying a Camry, and then all of a sudden it seems like every other car on the road is a Camry, you know what I mean? Anyway, wishing you the very best and continued success in all your endeavors.



Hi Anthony,

Believe it or not, I got an offer from that major consulting firm! It is my first choice, so I’m going to take it. I figure that it is the best choice because it has the potential for opening a lot of doors for future career opportunities. The travel is not optimal, but I’m willing to do it for a few years and then try to get something more local.

The way that I found this firm in the first place was by describing what I came up with in my career design inquiries (mostly job tasks and work environment) to lots of friends and family, so having that clear was a big help. I’ll fill you in on all the details soon.

Thanks for your help so far! Hope everything is well with you.


**Note to reader: At the time of his letter, Simon was a 20-something college graduate with a Rabbinical degree who discovered that he didn’t want to be a Rabbi (at least not for his main livelihood). His strongest natural talents point to the fields of technology innovation and business process reinvention. Although he finds profound meaning in his spiritual life as active member of his religious community, he realized that his natural abilities are in audio/visual creativity and high-tech, spatial systems problem-solving.

With no formal education in business or technology, he had to outsmart the job hunt conventions, his resume and background wouldn’t get him through the door. So, he took on an extensive self-education and “getting in the sphere” project to be able to talk shop with a specific, top-tier management consulting firm he was hoping to work for. They were very impressed with the clarity of his career vision (which is very rare among college grads). As you will see from his updates above, it keeps getting better.