The Raw Ability is Already There

The Raw Ability is Already There

March 2010


Thank you so much for your help yesterday. I have been reviewing the recording of our conversation, and continue to glean new insights from it. Below are a few ideas I particularly liked:

    1) I cannot fake it. Some people can pretent to like their job, and pass the time without actually knowing what they really want. I can’t, and don’t want to.
    2) Be conscious of when your mind is “not home.” — Meditate and practice listening. I can control my thoughts.
    3) The “raw” ability is already there — now [that I know what it is] it needs to be trained and disciplined.
    4) Find like-minded people who are already working; learn from them. — “We are attracted to the people we read.”
    5) I overuse my strength in thinking and logic (as illustrated by the style of this letter) This blocks out my feeling. — My Feeling: “dial it up”; practice using it. My Thinking: learn to put on the brakes, notice when it’s not useful.
    6) How do I want to serve others? — What do I bring to the world?

Your recommendations were rational, practical, and honest — exactly what I needed. You are an excellent example of what it looks like to love your work. Best of luck getting your Careerfinder program into the universities.

Kind regards,