What To Study In Grad School?

College Student Review: Careerfinder Program

What to Study in Grad School?

November 2012

I am truly impressed and comforted that you are still willing to give me such great advice and pointers— even though it’s been some time since I’ve taken the test.

I have started to accept the fact that it will take me some time before I find out my true path, but hopefully I find a decent job meanwhile. The economy is tough!

I’m definitely going to follow your advice on my next 2 years being this two-fold project.


Lameya (recent college grad, psychology major, 2012)

[Background story: Before rushing into law school or an MBA, I suggested she get some experience using her natural talents doing something in the applied social sciences and find a few mentors to show her the ropes in the legal and marketing fields, all while she investigates a variety of problems “out there” that she can test drive before making a big commitment to an advanced education.

I was very impressed with Lameya, she is one of the few college students who sought my services independently of her parents and found a way to pay for it on her own. She’s very concerned with having a career that flaunts status and prestige, such as law. Like many young people, she’s struggling to sort out what her innate talents really are, while trying to make sense of the lure of high paying, socially recognized career paths.

I’ve met thousands of young professionals with newly minted JDs and MBAs. Soon after grad school they realize they put the cart before the horse; they invested in an advanced education that turned out to be unsuited to their talents and abilities. Despite the great income, they are quite disenchanted with the future they’ve haphazardly chosen.]


April 2012

It was truly a pleasure speaking to you this morning. You’ve done everything I hoped this program would offer plus more. You’ve been an inspiration, a guide and an amazing coach and mentor.

Thank you for giving me your time and effort to help guide me and thank you so much for the information you’ve provided me with during and after our session. I will most definitely keep you updated with my discoveries, endeavors and path.

Best regards,