Program Upgrade Details

Should I jump in all the way or scale it?

Jump in: If you know you need help with most of the phases and have the funds set aside for this sort of thing, you can jump right into one of the more comprehensive programs. For example, many of our recent college grads and millennials jump right into the Career Quest program, it’s got their name on it. People who are clear that it’s time for a major self-reinvention dive into the CareerCX program, which takes you the distance.

Scale it: If you prefer to start small and are a bit budget conscious, the upgrade approach is a good way to stick your toe in the water. Our programs are scalable and build on one another. You can start with Phase 1 to do the Careerfinder program to see what you learn, and then upgrade to the Quest or CareerCX.

Logistics of upgrades*: We credit forward the full tuition paid for your initial program toward an upgrade made within one year of completion of your initial program. For instance, if you start with the Careerfinder and want to dive into the Quest soon afterward, you would just pay the remaining balance to start phases 2 and 3 in the Quest package.

*Upgrades initiated after the 1 year date of your initial program start date, we add a $150 course refresher fee to review and ramp things back up to speed.