How to Design Your Career

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Our Approach

When it comes getting good career advice and finding your career path, our method on how to design your career is unique. Lots of people get stuck trying to answer the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” In fact, most people never fully answer it. Vague questions yield fuzzy answers. There’s a much better way.

A career decision is one of the biggest, most difficult choices to make in your life—it’s a riddle wrapped inside an enigma. The best way to approach it is turn it into a project that allows you to tackle it piecewise. We’ve integrated the principles of human-centered design and systems engineering to co-create a “career design” approach that steps people through a four phase career decision process: Discover, Design, Decide, and Launch.

Imagine if you could have your own built-in satellite radar to zoom out and get a clear picture of what, why and where you fit in. You’d have science on your side, which would help you sort out the conventional wisdom to make a smart choice.

The Art & Science of Designing Your Career Path

Pathfinders has demystified the career choice process with a 4-phase approach that puts you in the designers’ seat to architect a custom-fit career path. Each phase of our career finding process is embedded with insightful tools and decision-making methods that help you refine your internal compass to accurately hone in and choose your career direction. We draw on a combination of natural ability testing and state-of-the-art decision sciences from behavioral economics, including fields that look at human nature through the intersection of psychology and how your brain works.

Pathfinders can help you figure out what you’re best at, as well as outsmart the conventional rules of the road. And, we can even help you sort out those sneaky cognitive biases (a.k.a, your caveman brain) that may hoodwink you into chasing the wrong career for all the wrong reasons. To arrive in a future that actually fits you requires a clear picture of who you are and how you think, what truly motivates you, and how you fit into career world.

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About the Phases

Phase 1

Phase 1: Discover Your Talents — powered by one of the world’s most accurate career aptitude assessments to reveal your innate potentials or “raw” natural talents; there is no other test that comes anywhere close to this level of specificity on aptitude profiles

Phase 2

Phase 2: Design Your Career —  where the rubber meets the road, you go on a quest to design the inner works of your career. We teach you how to custom design your career; very few others in the world do anything like this

Phase 3

Phase 3: Choose Your Career — carefully and intentionally flush out all your hunches and clues, connect the dots, simulate or “blueprint” exciting career scenarios, reality check your prototypes, assess risks, sweat bullets, narrow your choices, test drive some more and confidently choose your career ; ) smile

Phase 4

Phase 4: Launch Your Career — strategize your first move forward: assess your knowledge gap (the distance between here and there), self-educate, practice, find mentors, start building the life that you designed for yourself

During all four phases you are guided one-to-one by career design and choice specialist, Anthony Spadafore, coauthor of Now What? The Young Person’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career.

Got questions?  Feel welcome to contact us or set up a brief phone call to discuss your situation (it’s free). We’re happy to discuss whether our approach will work for you.

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