Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Beyond my wildest dreams

February 2011

Dear Anthony,

You helped me understand two very important things . . . . everyone has natural talents and that we can excel by choosing a career that matches our inborn abilities.

Through your insights and cool aptitude testing, I discovered my innate strengths and reaffirmed that my current career path was an excellent match. With this new way of thinking about myself, I really put my all into my job . . . and it paid off beyond my wildest dreams . . .

Since speaking with you a year ago, my income doubled from $50K in 2009 to $100K in 2010, and I’m on pace to triple that . . . to $350K in 2011!

Most importantly, I’m very happy at work because, as you pointed out, I’m able to do what I do best every day. Thank you Anthony!