Best $1,000 Bucks Spent In Years

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Best 1,000 Bucks I’ve Spent In Years

May, 2017

Hi Anthony,

Back in 2013, my youngest son, then a high school junior, went through your Careerfinder Classic Program. During the program, he gained an understanding of why he was better suited for certain career paths along with possible careers to consider. One of the career options you presented, Physical Therapy (PT), “hit the nail on the head.” This week, he graduated with an Exercise Science Degree.  At the end of this month, he’s on his way to a top rated PT program.  He remains happy with his choice.  As for me, none of my tuition payments went towards classes that would allow my son to “find himself.” Still can’t understand why parents don’t spend a few dollars for greater returns.  **Mission Accomplished**

My oldest son was pursuing a degree in a field he and I believed would work out.  During his last semester, he informed me that he would finish his curriculum but would not pursue a career in the field he was once so confident in.  Solution?  I brought him to you.  He went through the Careerfinder Classic Program and gained a better understanding of what he’s more “hardwired” to do. You presented career possibilities and one took hold. He is one year away from completing his new career’s academics, is already working within his field, and is very happy. As for me, I spent money for classes that now go to archive. On the flip side, I have two happy sons – priceless. 

Best $1,000 bucks I’ve spent in years.

Signed, Bryan

Satisfied Customer and Happy Parent