Architect, Engineer or Video Game Designer?

August 22, 2014

Hi Anthony,

Thanks very much for the additional material and the mp3 recording.    Max was really pleased with the session he had with you.   He is really happy and seems very sure of where and what direction he wants to get started on now.    You have a real gift for unravelling the signs clearly for people to understand themselves.   Thank you also for the extra tips and things he should think about and research.    It was a great experience working with you.

PS. Thank you for sending the article on spatial ability, I’m sure it will be interesting to read.   Your “cracking the code” article on spatial ability was an excellent read as well.  It was how we knew that you were the person for Max to talk to.



 [Max is a rising high school senior who is planning ahead to make the best decisions possible for his field of study in college. His passion at the moment is video game design and he has already designed a game, self-taught. His parent’s have a general sense that he’s technically inclined for the sciences, but what field should he pursue? Is he really cut out for video game design? He also taught himself how to build a computer, practically from scratch. His other love is building remote control model race cars, where he figured out how to tweak their wheel angles to increase speed and win races. He is also considering engineering and architecture. Once he had his talent profile in hand, Max had his Aha! “I know what my next step is” moment.]