I Took the Leap Into the Unknown

Career Change from Public Health Research to Education
August 25, 2014
Hi Anthony-
You worked with me a couple months ago on the Careerfinder program. I wanted to check in with you and give you an update. If you remember, I was miserable at my job, so I quit at the end of May. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer!! While doing so, I applied for jobs that appealed to my interests and skills (public health / health education). I had several interviews and just landed a job with the Department of Public Health in the maternal and child health division, where I’ll be working on a new initiative bringing health awareness to young women. I start next week and couldn’t be more excited! I am thankful that I found your program and took the leap into the unknown by quitting and not settling. Thanks for your help!
Public Health Scientist, MPH