From Campaigning to Fundraising

September 2017

Hi Anthony,

Brian here, I’m the environmental non-profit guy who decided to pivot toward fundriasing. Hope all is well.
Wanted to let you know that I ended up getting a job as a gift officer with one of the most preeminent cathedrals in the country. It’s been a great job for me so far. The sensitivity to people (Feeling over Thinking), my strong associative memory (for remembering facts about people I meet) and my ability to organize tasks (from my high analytical facility), all guided me toward this career, and so far have made it an enjoyable and successful experience.
Thank you for helping me understand who I am and how that translates into the workspace. But more importantly, I think your consultation helped me to appreciate my natural abilities as just that: abilities, and only shortcomings when I tried to apply them to the wrong role. This is the right role—or at least, a much, much better one.
All my best,
Brian J.

December 2016
Hi Anthony,
Brian J. writing. We met in May 2016 for the careerfinder consultation. Hope all is well.
Thanks for your services earlier this year. As you predicted, they helped in ways I wasn’t entirely expecting–mainly, coming to understand who I am, and, as importantly, embracing it.
I’ve continued working at the environmental non-profit, but it appears an interesting opportunity is arising. Management has announced layoffs will be coming, and I am quite sure I will be among them.
I say opportunity because I think being laid off could force me into finally working into a career path that fits who I am.
On that note, I have become very excited about careers in development (fundraising), including prospect research, major donor relations and grant writing. I strongly suspect that my love of cultivating one-on-one relationships, technical writing, qualitative research, storytelling and presenting, event planning and keeping things organized could all play into being happy and successful in such careers. I’m currently tapping my network to learn more about the various roles, day-to-day work, and to challenge my assumptions. 
Thank you for getting me started on a new journey.