Talents Highlighted and Acknowledged

May 2017

Dear Anthony,

John truly enjoyed speaking with you, as well as I. What a gift it is to him to have his talents highlighted and acknowledged at such a critical juncture in his career/life style decision making process.

As you are well aware, John’s spatial, introverted-maestro aptitudes and ISTP personality was working quietly behind the scenes and he is looking forward to exploring your insights.

I will be sure to share our Pathfinder experience with my siblings, nieces, nephews and John’s friends and their parents. It is exciting to see his confidence rise so quickly and am sure that it will continue to blossom as he explores his talents and the possibilities they uncover.

Thank you again for your insights and all the time you spent with us. 

Ann (John’s mom)


May 2017 

Mr. Spadafore, 

Thank you again for your expertise and time you shared with me and my mom. It has been extremely insightful into who I am as a person and my natural abilities. The information I have gained from you has been very helpful. The extra time was more than generous of you and greatly appreciated!

I hope to write to you again in the near future after discovering my perfect career path. 

Best wishes



Background story:

John is a H.S. Junior deciding what to study in college. He measured in the top 1% in spatial ability, a natural talent to mentally rotate 3-dimensional objects in your mind’s eye. Prior to the discovery of his “hidden” gift, he was strongly considering a career in business, a “non-spatial” career path on the opposite side of the talent spectrum. John is also highly kinesthetic and a bit of a naturalist, so he’s now considering career paths that combine his full mix of natural talents and traits, such as civil engineering, emergency medicine, and environmental sciences. After the session, he literally LOL at his prior “interest” in business: “To make lots of money, so I can get the girls!”

Many of my 30-something clients with a profile like John’s wished they learned these things before they went to grad school to get MBAs and JDs.