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| September 2010 |

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Anthony — Today I spoke on the main stage at the Inaugural Gridwise Global Forum in between Thomas Friedman (NYTimes Columnist) and Jeff Immelt (CEO of GE) on the DOE Energy Secret. It’s so funny, I just accidentally came across my pathfinders notes— “most compelling aspects of a fantasy career.” Everything I have listed I am now doing. What a trip!




March 2009

I’m pretty excited these days. I’ve positioned myself as the Smart Grid analyst/expert at the entrepreneurial green technology firm. I’ve been having high-level conversations (VP of product dev and above) with some pretty major corporations.

It’s been a very good first 5 months. I’m still working a probationary situation, but I think that may come to an end shortly, and I’ll be offered a proper position. The great thing about the job, is that it’s a start-up (2 years old now) so there’s a lot of flexibility, but primarily the winning aspect of the job is the access that it is giving me to the green energy world. The information that I’m now privy to really helps in trying to design my future career/life going forward.

Once again thanks for all your help,



December 2008

My life has been great. I’ve been doing research for a report we are releasing on solar energy companies. We systematically took apart the top 120 companies that make solar products (wafers, cells, and panels). I’ve learned a shitload—it’s been cool. Next I will be researching and possibly writing a report on Smart Grid. I’m still just an intern, and looking for my spot in the company, but trying really hard, and getting a lot of hours with my nose in front of the right pages/websites. Haven’t putting any blogs up lately, but I’ll let you know if I do.

Wishing you the best, David 


May 2008

I took Anthony’s career change course and was using the [Now What?] book—before it was released, earlier in 2008—to gain a better understanding of my talents, and how to carve out a career that would make me really happy AND that I would be excellent at performing.

IT’S MY ABSOLUTE DREAM JOB. It’s beyond anything I could have imagined before I started reading this book.

This course made a big big difference in my life. I’ll never forget it.

If you want to make the most of your talents and abilities, and find a career that is going to make you shine, NOW WHAT? is the best instructional guide that there is. It’s a masterwork. Seriously.


Backstory: Career Change from Finance to Green Technology 

David is a 30-something, Ivy League graduate who left a lucrative, but unfulfilling career in finance. Around the time of this writing, David made friends with an entrepreneurial green technology firm, and due to his breadth of self-taught knowledge, he convinced them to create an intern position just for him. They said yes, and he eagerly took the job for a trial period, without pay.

David’s hard work and patience paid off, big time. He was offered a full-time, formal position as a green tech researcher/blogger. In 2009, a publisher saw his work and offered him a book contract to write about the forthcoming Smart Grid. Wow. He has also appeared on FOX Business News on TV. In just over a year, this amazing young man has created a new career path from scratch, practically all self-taught, and is fast becoming one of the world’s leading experts on Green Technology.