Change Your Career

change your career

Are you ready to design and change your career? Transitioning or moving in a new direction? Few things are as daunting as a career change. But with the right tools and career design coaching, changing careers can be a rewarding process. Whether you are mismatched with your current career, looking for a new challenge, starting a company, transitioning out of the federal government, public sector or military, or contemplating a second career after raising a family or retirement, Pathfinders can help you move forward with confidence.

This highly personalized, one-on-one career design course attracts millennials, mid-career professionals, seasoned executives, creative entrepreneurs, and anyone with a youthful spirit who is seeking to reinvigorate and reinvent their career situation. This is not a job-finding endeavor and goes way beyond making “work-life balance” tweaks. It’s about designing, choosing, building and integrating your career and life—where the “work you” and the “real you” become one.

Designing a career change is a process, not a one-time event

Breaking into a new career field can be a challenge. That’s why you need a rock-solid sense of your natural abilities, your core interests and values, a good road map and professional career design and career change coaching to get you there. Our CareerCX program expertly steps you through the full journey of Discovering, Designing, Deciding, and Launching a career change or transition (Phases 1 thru 4).  

In today’s economy, you have to authentically walk-the-talk or “be your career.” Once you’ve mastered the career design process, changing careers becomes a courtship; you have to build relationships and show genuine commitment before you can expect someone to partner up with you. You’ve got to find the intersection between your innate talents, strongest curiosities and the real world problems that need solving. As Steve Jobs said, “It’s not just about your damn passion,” you can design a career to express your way of playing a small part in making the world a better place for everyone.

Pathfinders can help you design your career and build the bridge to get you there. Contact us to explore a fit with your career situation:

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