Environmental Engineering to Interior Architecture

November 6, 2014

Hi Anthony

I thought I should write and let you know what happened after the help you gave me in understanding where I should be heading for my career.
I spent about a year going over our conversations and the outcome of the careerfinder tests and making many notes about what I found interesting and what I gravitated back to in my personal life versus work life.
I came to the conclusion that I loved spatial design and interiors. I have spent a further year making a portfolio and testing that theory and loved the process.
I have now left my job and enrolled on an interior architecture course. I’m loving it and getting some great feedback. My brain feels alive and full of ideas again. I can spend hours on small activities and really researching the topics. I feel like I’m doing what I always should have done and am meeting many like minded people who share similar passions.
I am hoping my first degree [environmental engineering] will not go to waste by trying to utilize it in my thinking of environmentally sound structures and carbon neutral living. In addition my career as an internal consultant [for a large multi-national corporation that manufactures diesel engines] will help in any career I have.
Thank you for the help in focusing my mind and working out which direction to take. I’ll let you know in a few years what happens when I finish the degree course!
Kind regards