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How do I go about choosing my career direction, what’s my target? Figuring out what career paths you are best at has largely been a drawn out trial-and-error process. Some get strong clues to their genius at an early age, others “know it when I see it,” but many of us will wander for a decade or longer, often attaining an ill-suited advanced degree before the light bulb comes on. There’s a better, faster way.


Careerfinder programs

Pathfinders offers a state-of-the-art career aptitude test that reveals your inborn talents. Knowing your natural strengths helps you confidently aim your career in the right direction. Both of our Careerfinder programs, Classic and Plus, combine career aptitude testing and expert, one-to-one career coaching to interpret your natural talent profile. Anthony Spadafore, a professional career choice expert, helps you focus your inner talent compass and target well-suited career paths.

Playing to your strengths helps you maximize your ability to stand out into today’s hyper-competitive job market and mindfully navigate the world of work toward fulfilling, long-term success.

Sweet Spot

In your natural element

Finding your element or natural talent “sweet spot” requires a precise aim, and that’s knowing what you’re really good at. Choosing your career direction begins with discovering your cognitive abilities, natural talents and strengths, and especially how these combine with your personality traits. With a little science on your side, you can dramatically expedite the process of discovering your natural talents and signature career strengths.   

The Science

The science of what makes you tick 

Our professional career aptitude test is profoundly different and makes a world of a difference. The Careerfinder programs are much more advanced than the basic “self-assessment” career quizzes you get in school or free online; most are not really “tests” but interest surveys or multiple choice questionnaires that tell you stuff you already know about yourself.

Our career assessment test engages your aptitudes in a series of timed cognitive psychometric “performance” tests to measure the strengths (and weaknesses) that Mother Nature gave you. It assesses the stuff you “don’t know that you don’t know” about yourself.

For example, our career testing battery of 13 aptitude tests includes a performance test to measure your mental 3-D visualization or “spatial ability.” As the New York Times recently reported, scientific studies by cognitive psychologists have found that spatial ability is going largely unrecognized in the educational system—most people don’t know whether they have it or not—yet is a critical talent that accurately predicts excellence in medicine, science, engineering, math, high technology and computer science fields (as well as spatial arts like filmmaking, architecture and industrial design).

Your Potential

Natural talents are a better compass than interests

What’s the key that will unlock my potential? Many of Pathfinders’ clients are highly educated but not-so-happy professionals who attended top colleges but still haven’t figured out what they’re cut out for. Some chose their career path based on advice from friends and family, others followed a rough idea of what they were “interested” in, but most of us weren’t asked to think very hard about our enduring, core nature. Even with years of hard work in a dogged pursuit of a future that our younger self dreamed of, many of us unintentionally fall into a career that doesn’t fit, leaving us feeling confused, directionless, or pretending to like what we do.

Although interests can be good clues to what you’re good at, knowing your strengths will help you decide which of your interests are rooted in your innate proclivities. Interests are like the leaves on a tree and change with the seasons; they are not the source of what makes you tick. Natural talents are the roots of the tree; hidden from view, they are the source of your inborn abilities and natural strengths. Trying to find your career path without a clear picture of your strengths is like trying to navigate new terrain without a map.

Pathfinders can give you a precise understanding of how your strengths and abilities combine into a natural talent profile—a highly accurate career compass not only helps you to find your career direction, you’ll be on course to continually hone your path for years to come. When it comes to developing a mastery and happily sustaining excellence over the long run, the key is to nurture your nature—by pushing your strengths and working steadily at what comes naturally to you, you will unlock the secret to reaching your potential.

In addition to a state-of-the-art career path test to help your discover your natural strengths, Pathfinders offers personalized, scalable programs that guide you through the process of designing and choosing a career direction, as well as making the transition to a new career. We’ve helped thousands of people get on the right career track.  Contact us to explore a fit with your career situation. 


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