I Know the Answer to the Big Question

I Know the Anwser to the Big Question

I’m a recent graduate of the Pathfinders Careerpath Quest program. This process allowed me to bring meaning to my life. I started the program by accessing my natural talents and abilities with a very cool career test. Then, Anthony guided me through the step-by-step process of career design—where I custom-made a career that would fit me, and only me, perfectly. My new career path is not some “off-the-shelf” cookie-cutter box that I had to squeeze myself into. Instead, I molded the career to my exact specifications.

Before I discovered Pathfinders, I was on a long (and costly) road of trying different college majors. I tried a number of different subjects only to realize they weren’t for me. I think Pathfinders is a must before going to college (I’ve seen lots of friends at school wasting their time).

Dear fellow 20-somethings, figure out what you were meant to do! And for me, Pathfinders is the best way to do it right. Anthony knows what it takes to choose a career and is knowledgeable about the kind of talents needed to excel in most career fields out there. Hey, it’s pretty amazing how some career coach can help you put your whole life into focus— you really get a sense of purpose and perspective of where you fit in the world.

Once I realized that I’ll spend most my life at work, I decided that I might as well enjoy it.

Best, Clark


Hi Anthony,

I’ve known the answer to the big question for a few months (the one we’ve been working towards for years) and now it’s time that I say it out loud to someone other than my girlfriend! I’m ready to declare what career I’ve chosen and then design some sort of plan to get there. I am stoked for this step.

I’m hoping to get down there [to Alexandria VA from Vancouver, Canada]. I’d love to shake your hand, for you don’t know the clarity, purpose and direction you have given me. I think the only way to thank you is to live the life you have helped me design.

Looking forward to our next meeting,


(20-something college student)