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How do you choose the right career track, one you’ll actually like ten years from now? Lots of people wish they had asked that question back in college.

Figuring out how to choose a career has always been a mystery. For many, the consequences of a youthfully optimistic (a.k.a. hormonally guided) career choice don’t become obvious until much later. Lots of thirty-somethings say their career choice turned out be the equivalent of unwanted tattoo of their high school sweetheart, “What the heck was I thinking!?” I’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers, PhDs and other highly educated professionals who say their career choice “seemed like a good idea at the time”—until it wasn’t. Most say they more or less fell into something they thought they were interested in only to find out later they don’t have the right aptitudes or motivation to sustain a successful career in a field they don’t care about. There is a way to outsmart this problem.


Careerpath Quest

How do I go about making a smart career choice? Our exclusive Careerpath Quest program steps you through our career design methods, beginning with laying down a solid foundation of your natural talents and strengths. From there, you’ll continue architecting your career path blueprint using power tools and techniques codeveloped by Pathfinders. The process includes our professional career aptitude testing and continues with expert one-on-one guidance to help you put the pieces of your career puzzle together.

The Way It Goes

A tricky problem with no name . . .

Choosing a career path is one of the most complex decisions of your lifetime. And, you’re expected to make this decision on a whim without much guidance. Many of us go to college before we know much about our natural talents or what niche of the career world we might find meaningful. The consequences of making shortsighted career decisions aren’t pretty—only 13% of people say they’re engaged and excelling in their careers.

When we’re young we tend be overly optimistic that “things will work out later.” Forecasting how much we’ll like a career can be daunting; many of us throw up our hands and just hope that somehow our “future self” will figure things out. When we face really difficult decisions, like choosing our future, we tend to copy well proven shortcuts or success strategies.  For example, “go to college, and then wander and job hop through your 20s and you’ll eventually find your path” is familiar cultural wisdom. Although this seems to have worked for previous generations, things have changed. I’ve met thousands of successful-but-not-so-happy gen-xers, now in their late 40s and 50s, that are still trying to figure out what they really want to be.

Game Change

A new game in town . . . 

For millennials today, there’s much less wiggle room to experiment and stumble on happiness. The game has completely changed, our new ultra-lean economy is unfriendly to wanderers without a clear destination. And unlike their parents’ generation, happiness means holding out for something authentic. Pathfinders sees lots of uber-educated 30-something career changers who are frustrated that they haven’t found their bearings yet (even after going to grad school and traveling the world), who are eager to make a career switch but want to make sure they’re heading down the right road. How to outsmart this problem?

Career Design

Design your future

Pathfinders has a solution. We’ve brought a systems engineering “career design” approach to choosing a career path. We take the mystery out of career choice by breaking it down into manageable career design elements that you choose and architect a customized future. If designing your career sounds like more fun than trying to “find” or force fit yourself into a ready-made box out there, you’ll love this process. Whether you’re a high school or college student, a young professional just heading out into the world, or a slightly more seasoned professional who just hasn’t figured it out yet, we can help you create a custom-designed career path that engages your natural abilities (what you’re good at) and sense of purpose (what you care about). 

When you’re ready to go on your career quest, Pathfinders can help you design and choose your career path wisely. Contact us to explore a fit with your career situation:


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