Retail Mall Manager to Beauty Consultant

Shopping Mall Manager to Beauty Consultant

Dear Pathfinders Clientele,

I worked with Anthony Spadafore, Director of Pathfinders, at a turning point in my career. Perhaps like you, I was disenchanted with the professional environment in which I found myself after 14 years of my life in one career path. I was caught within my own tunnel vision and did not see a rational and responsible “way out.”

I learned of Anthony and Pathfinders from an article in USA Today. I worked with Anthony over a 2-3 month period and found the testing and introspective process to be quite interesting and invaluable. Anthony helped me to objectively understand that is possible to transfer one’s skills and experiences from one industry to another very effectively. He assisted me in seeing practical ways to start over without starting over financially and otherwise, including how to enter the “inner circle” of a new industry without taking another 14 years to get there.

My work with Anthony truly helped me clear my mind of irrelevant matters and focus on my priorities, values and preferences pertaining to my new career path direction. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to work with him and to benefit from his objective perspective, experience in the “pathfinding” process. I have since recommended Anthony to a number of individuals at turning points in their careers.

I am extremely pleased with my new career path which allows me to work for myself, design my own schedule, determine my paycheck, select the people with whom I work, and fulfill my mission of team-building and mentoring which I find personally rewarding. I have been able to eliminate the aspects of my former career which I either did not enjoy or respect and retain those elements on which I thrive.



Potomac Falls, VA