UPS to Petroleum Engineer

May 12, 2014

Good Morning Anthony, 

About ten years ago you and I had a conversation about my career path, thank you for your advice and direction at that young time in my life. Our conversations have led me to amazing places and adventures I never imagined possible. 

You probably won’t remember, but before I came to you I took a military placement exam and they said I could be anything I wanted in the military. I excelled in pretty much any course I took at school and have many interests. Nothing, jumped out at me as being the “right” thing for me to do for work. Really no strong direction as to where I wanted to go and what I want to be. I was working at UPS, buying some time to figure things out. 

Things really shifted for me after I took the Pathfinders exams and evaluations and you and I spoke for well over an hour. Through your guidance, I reviewed and highlighted those careers that made sense to me. I also imagined what the ideal job setting would be. For me it was: Working on a team of specialized experts that others would come to for advice and solutions. I decided to go back to school and selected Petroleum Engineering as my focus.

I now have my dream job: I work on a team of specialized experts that others come to for advice and solutions. I love coming to work.

Thanks again! 

Mike, Petroleum Production Engineer