GED to Sociologist

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The Journey from High School GED to College Dean’s List . . . to Sociologist

Dear Anthony, Sander is returning home from a semester abroad to finish his undergraduate degree in sociology at George Mason. He is now contemplating what to do with his major and whether or not he should go to graduate school right away. Could you see him for some career coaching session(s) when he returns?

Thanks for all the help you have been to us. I can’t tell you how good it is to know that even after three years you are still there for Sander.



Hello Anthony,

I hope you remember my son, Sander. I thought you might like to know that after his assessment and meeting with you, he decided to go to college. He just finished his first semester at Northern Virginia Community College and is on the Dean’s List. His classes were Sociology, English Composition, Humanities and Interpersonal Communications.

As you can imagine, going from a GED to the Dean’s List (albeit a community college) has boosted his self-confidence. He is happier than I have ever seen him and I am pretty excited myself.

This may have happened some day on it’s own, but maybe not. Clearly, your vision and encouragement gave him the boost he needed. I will be forever grateful.

I will give you periodic updates of his progress.

Best regards,



Anthony – Sander really enjoyed his time with you yesterday. He is a really special young man. I hope he thinks seriously about your suggestions. Just having you tell him about his talents was a very positive thing for him. Thank you very much for pointing out to him positive characteristics and showing him that he has choices for his future.