What’s Included?


Careerfinder CLASSIC

Includes career testing and professional, expert career advice:

Career testing: comprehensive career aptitude testing and customized recommendations for career paths and career fields that fit your natural talent profile. 

Expert analysis: by Anthony Spadafore, Natural Talents & Career Design Maestro; coauthor of the pioneering career design guide, Now What. Anthony has 25 years of wayfinding mastery and has helped well over 3,000 seekers from all professions make their career quest. 

Consultation: a single, one-to-one, personalized 1.5-hour talent profile consultation with Anthony to interpret your aptitude assessments.

Results materials included:

  • A one-hour audio seminar on natural talents
  • Talent profiles that suit your ability pattern
  • Inventive career lists developed by Pathfinders
  • A digital audio recording of your consultation session

Duration: The Careerfinder Classic turns around within 2 weeks from date you complete the testing, on average.

Price: $549.00 USD

Scalable: The Classic can be upgraded to Quest and CareerCX programs. We credit forward the full amount paid for your initial program.* On occasion, we offer upgrades to the Plus, but it’s a better deal to start directly with the Plus if you’re strongly considering that. Otherwise, an upgrade to the Plus is $500 for the single career design strategy session, noted below.

*For upgrades after 1 year of your initial program completion (Classic and Plus), we add $150 catch up fee to help you get ramped back up.

Careerfinder PLUS

Includes: career testing, expert analysis, and 1.5 hr consultation (same as Classic), plus: 

Career design strategy session: a single 1.5 hr career design strategy session to get your quest moving in the right direction. (A Plus program exclusive, this extra session is 50% off the regular rate of $500 for a stand-alone DIY career design strategy session.)

Career design book: A complimentary copy of the Now What? career design book.

Duration: The testing part runs the same timeframe the Careerfinder Classic above. The extra strategy session can be used anytime within 1 year after the date of your talent profile consultation. If you wait longer than a year, there’s a $150 course refresher fee.  

Price: $850.00 USD

Scalable: The Plus can be upgraded to any of the later phase programs.



U.S. Orders: Free shipping, to and fro

International Orders: Canada, Europe and all International Shipping: $36 US Dollars (50% OFF) for U.S. PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS INTL.  Average delivery estimate: 3 – 5 business days with online tracking. Postage to mail back completed tests and materials not included. Many international clients scan their completed tests and send us a PDF by email.

Location:  Old Town, Alexandria VA (Washington D.C. metro-area). Short walk from King Street and Braddock Road metro stops. In-person consultations, or by telephone* and Skype.

*Telephone carrier charges: Long-distance charges to call in for your consultations are not included in the program prices. Skype video calls available.

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