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Grab a coffee and hang out here to learn more about how to find your career path. Explore our career choice methods, career advice articles and professional career aptitude testing. These career planning articles will help you to discover your natural talents and strengths, make a smart career choice or career change, as well as learn more about your inherent potential or “raw” talents, abilities and personality traits.


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Stories from Career Pathfinders

Career advice and hard-earned wisdom from courageous pathfinders. They are cool people, young and old career changers, who’ve unwittingly gone down the wrong road chasing “success.” They want to help you pave your own way forward.

» Follow your talents, passion comes after

» Spatial ability, do I have it or not? 

» Quotes: Successful, but in the wrong career

Rethinking the Definition of Career 

People that excel at what they do, and make it look easy, think very differently about what a career is. More college degrees, status and skills didn’t cut it; they’re striving to figure out what they’re really good at and committed to mastering their natural talents.

» Career is a verb

» Switching Careers at 30, After Hooking Up

» Work as Play 

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Career Choice Advice | Career Change Advice

— College Students   

» What should I be?

» Making college worth it

— Recent Grads / 20′s 

» Career change at 25

» Wrong career, now what?

— Millennials / 30′s 

» Career change at 30

» Authenticity

— Gen X and Boomers 

» Career change at 40+

» Steve Jobs said it well

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