Executive Recruiter to Product Designer

From Executive Recruiter to Product Design Engineer

May 29, 2013

Dear Fellow Career Changers,

I always thought there was something missing from my job (I’m sure you know the feeling). As a recruiter you’d think I’d be able to figure out what was right for me! I needed someone impartial, not friends or family, but a professional who had a proven system for determining what I was good and not so good at. Once I had this information I could make a career choice which focused on my strengths, rather than trying to smooth over my weaknesses. The Pathfinders careerfinder process fitted so well with those needs. Finally I had a tool which would give me real direction. Combining the tool [career aptitude test], with the wisdom and experience that Anthony has, made it the only choice for me.

I was completely blown away when I had my career consultation with Anthony. He was able to delve right into my hopes and fears with regards to my current career and used his own skills together with the test results to match me to a career in product design. It was incredible; a real light bulb moment. As we went further into the consultation I felt myself agreeing with everything he said. He nailed my essence — product designer — so well.

It feels so good to have found my true calling. It gives me hope that I can begin to focus my time and energy on a career that fits with my natural talents.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Anthony and pathfinders with no reservations.

30-something Entrepreneur
United Kingdom