Finally, I Know Why Accounting Doesn’t Fit

Finally, I Know Why I Accounting Doesn’t Fit

April 24, 2013

Thank you, Anthony!

I have so enjoyed this process and I know the best is yet to come. You have been a great guide and I appreciate the time you took to listen to me and help me through all of this.

I’m now mentally cataloging everyone I know personally, professionally, and academically that I could refer to you. I have several classmates at George Mason that I believe may be professionally frustrated. I’ll keep you posted.

Almost 30-something

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
MBA Student

P.S. On Monday night in my MBA Strategy class, one of my classmates realized for the first time that I was a CPA. He looked at me a little sideways and said “You can’t be an accountant, you’re too bubbly”. I thought you’d find that funny. 🙂

— Update: Sept 2013 — 

Hi, Anthony-

I hope all is well with you. Some great things have taken place over the last few months for me that I wanted to share with you.

  • I started my Masters in Theological Studies this Fall. Only one class, online and introductory, but I’m excited nonetheless.
  • I am taking Negotations as one of my electives at George Mason this Fall. And loving it, needless to say.
  • I’m also singing again. Only vocal lessons again for now, but hopefully performance opportunities are not too far down the road.

Just wanted to share some positive news. Especially since you and your program helped to contribute to it. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Thanks again,