Mechanical Engineer to Air Quality Investigator

From Clueless to Knowing What I Want, and Getting It

My work experience was in mechanical engineering, but that career path did not fit. Since I was unemployed I thought that this would be a good time to figure out “What I want to be when I grow up.”

I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I did know that I was not utilizing my talents. Through the exercises in Nicholas Lore’s book and a lot of research I have designed a career for myself that fulfills the criteria (testing & job functions, meaning, and environment) that were set up in the beginning of the program. The career I have created, that really fires me up, is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations.

I know that I would have never been able to design my future without Anthony Spadafore. With each step that I took he provided insight and advice. He provided me with the support that I needed. It is not easy for me to go out of my comfort zone, but I did and I am grateful that he was there to show me the way.

Anthony gave me the confidence that I was lacking. I am one of those people that had problems picking up the telephone and cold calling people, but with his encouragement, I did it. The response was encouraging. People that I had never met were willing to take time out of their day to discuss IAQ with me, recommend books and resources. With each contact I became more self-assured. This is a gift that he has given me.

Anthony was always supportive especially in the last few months when I was beginning to wonder if I would really be able to make this transition. I would e-mail him asking for advice and he always had encouraging words. I took these words to heart and acted upon them. These words meant the world to me.

On Monday (May 3) I start my new career (adventure)! I was offered a position to work in a five-person company as an Indoor Air Quality Investigator. The first six months will be on the job training.

**In 14 months I have gone from being “clueless” about my career to knowing what I want, and getting it!**

Anthony gave me the strength to persevere through those dark times when I thought that this would never happen. He not only helped me with my career but he has helped me regain my self-esteem. For this I will be forever grateful. This has truly been a life changing experience.

Best Wishes for Your Continued Success,

Brookline, MA