Lab Biologist to Education Consultant

Lab Biologist to Education Consultant


I wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much the testing and career design with you has helped me. Thank you so much. It worked!

I’ve talked with the woman that runs the tutoring center twice during the holiday season, and this week I got the green light to do exactly what I want to do. My first “mission” is to find a test for right-brained children.

Thanks again for everything!


Hi Anthony,

Boy! Again, so much has happened since I’ve written you. I feel like I’m finding the right direction now.

I’ve found a group of people that are “seekers,” like I have been all of my life. Taking the tests that you give has been part of the process from “seeking” to “finding.” I’m finding that the answers have been here all along. I just needed to look in the right place!

I keep meeting kids that are obviously right-brained, imaginative, intuitive, and these are the ones that I want to help. (A lot of times these kids are labelled with ADD, when they have a different learning style from their teacher.)

This (new career path) would be such a good fit for me. With my sensitivity, high idea flow, and ability to quickly change directions when needed, I think this would really work.