Office Administration to Organizational Psychology Ph.D.

Office Administration to Organization Development

Dear Anthony,

I just finished listening to the recording (of the test results session) and I have come away even more impressed and informed and confident with our session and with your professionalism.


I’m making satisfactory progress on my OD research. Things are actually happening! Doing informational interviews, reading, joining the local Bay Area OD association, going to educational open houses. It is good! Things are finally solidifying! It has been along row to hoe, but, dammit, I think I’m on to something here!


Your superb expertise, empathy, and patience guided me through the process, to the point where I actually said, “I choose to be an Organization Developer!”


I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that I submitted my application to the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) / Alliant University for their PsyD program in Organization Consulting.

Yea! I can’t believe it. It’s happening, I’m going back to school, I’ve made this commitment, I’m following through on my decision. They’ll be calling me “Doctor” before long, hahahahaha. Thanks for being an integral part of my realizing this.

I was also laid off from my dot .com job two weeks ago, but I’m not sweating it, it’s a small bump in the road. It’s accelerated my switch over to organization development and training.

Thanks for everything,


I just wanted to let you know that last week I started graduate school at my university ( ), going for my PhD in Organizational Psychology! Classes and material are fascinating and fitting for me.

Thanks for your guidance and encouragement last spring in helping me to clarify and decide to do this!

I hope you’re well.

Matt, San Francisco


I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the one you
counseled when I was living in San Francisco before I
got laid off and was forced to move in with my parents
in Los Angeles!

Yup, I did that for 4 months, then started my Ph.D.
program in Organizational Psychology! I’m now in the
middle of the fall semester of my second year at
Alliant International University, pretty soon they’re
gonna be calling me “doctor,” what a trip.

I love school and the material, and look forward to
making an impact in my career. I want to work abroad
in a Spanish speaking country again!

I wanted to check in with you and thank you for the
great direction and advice you gave me. It was a key
part of my decision making process. It was often a
painful process, and let’s just say that I’m glad that
I’m here now, on my way!

I hope you’re doing okay…between airplanes crashing
into the Pentagon and anthrax and snipers, I hope
you’re continuing to enjoy and to grow.

Sincerely, Matt