Computer Programmer to Song Writer

Computer Programmer to Song Writer


Where do I begin? I have a clarity of purpose that usually only comes in moments of great stress and yet I am not stressed. I have always been searching, but never finding. Always believing there was more to life and more to me, but unable to attain it. Until now! Pathfinders gave me the tools and a methodology for unlocking my hidden potential and passion. I now trust more aspects of my being. What used to be hunches about me are now beliefs and values. I am more alive than I have ever been.

Since our final meeting, I have started my own song writing company. The name is Eyes Open Productions. I have submitted my application for full ASCAP membership. I am in the process of joining the Song Writers Guild of Washington, DC.

Anthony, you have not just been my career counselor; you have been my guide. You warned of behaviors and situations before they occurred. You let me vent when I needed to. You gave me gentle encouragement when I needed it.

I recently read the book “The Little Country” by Charles de Lint. Some of the points from the book are some of the concepts that you were teaching me. Here is an excerpt from the book:

“What is important is that we utilize our potential as human beings…to the utmost of our abilities …to be awake.”

The book also contains a quote from Buckminster Fuller. The quote is “I seem to be a verb.” I thought the book might be a good reference book for a client who likes fiction.

That’s all for now. Take care.