Pizza Delivery to Real Estate Development

Pizza Delivery to Real Estate Development

My experience with Pathfinders has been both rewarding and satisfying. Although sometimes challenging, it also has been fun. I have learned new aspects of my being, that of my strengths and weaknesses, through the highly eclectic and original tests. I have been able to crystallize my values and those things that are important to me.

When I first came to Pathfinders I was in a whirlwind about what to do, what direction to take, what to choose as my life’s “career.” Through the process the course the winds have subsided to where I have calmly, and with “knowingness,” made my choice for my life’s direction.

Through it all, Anthony Spadafore has displayed nothing less than the upmost professionalism and knowledge. Exhibiting compassion and patience when I stumbled or stubbornly moved forward; always with the right words of praise or encouragement to prod me in my decision making. Indeed he was the catalyst for the whole course and process. I am truly grateful. I would highly recommend Pathfinders to anyone who finds themselves in their own whirlwind, lost without a compass for direction.