A New Chapter In My Life: Yoga-coach Psychotherapist

A New Chapter In My Life: Yoga-coach Psychotherapist

Dear Anthony,

You may remember our interview beginning of June where we were talking for almost 2 hours about my “up in the sky” Introverted-Maestro NF personality type with my newly realized specialization in psychology?

For me, it was a REALLY REALLY important talk. Thank you very very much again. Thank you also for the CD of the interview that I received already a few weeks ago. It helped me a lot for deepening my reflections on my new career.

And congratulations to your “Now What?” book. I bought it and am impressed of the didactical improvements, especially I find the new third part [The Career Finder] very helpful and really concrete. Really well done. I have done so much marketing for this book as well as for the career finding process with you that I am sure that quite a few have bought the book and also that some might start the career test program with you!

The discussions with you and further personal thoughts as well as things that happened have helped me with really taking my new direction: I am going to go back to university and will start to study psychology! I want to become a body-centered therapist, so broadening the idea of “yoga-coach” into the whole world of psycho-therapy. I know, the 5 coming years of studying will be long and hard, but will be exciting as I will learn my own personal Maestro-subject from scratch in a very structured way (at last!!).

And after the studies, I still have more than 20 years of work in front! I want to open my own practice one day and help people who want to get my help. Still, I am going to do the yoga-teacher-degree. And I will combine the whole. Yes, some very big changes in my life!!

Oh, Anthony, it’s really exciting, and I am really looking forward to my next, new chapter in my life. You helped me discover it. I really sincerley thank you and wish you good luck with all you do.

All the very best,