Classical Cellist to Dentist

Career Change from Cellist to Dentist : CareerCX Program

| January 2011 |

Hello! I just wanted to say that I went through the Pathfinders program with Anthony as my career coach way back in 1999-2000. At the time we met I had just gotten a degree in classical music (cello performance) but knew that I needed a career that offered more concrete, physical results and successes. I was quite aimless and lacking self-confidence — it took me a couple years of unsatisfying work (retail and office work) to grow into myself and recognize what I really wanted.

At the time he kept telling me to consider medicine, but I didn’t take him seriously — well, just a couple years later I went back through all my notes from my time with him . . . and I ended up being a dentist and I LOVE it! I would never have considered the medical field had Anthony not suggested that direction based on my career aptitude testing results and strengths.

Thanks to Pathfinders and Anthony’s guidance I did find my way to a career that is completely rewarding to me.

Thanks again for all your guidance!