Connecting the Dots

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Connecting the Dots, Engaged On All Cylinders

January 25, 2013


Thank you very much for putting so much thought and energy into our meeting. I know I sent you lots of information and I really appreciate that you took the time to look through it and incorporate those data points into our discussion. I really appreciate that you didn’t pull out pat explanations but worked diligently to connect the dots based on my profile.

It’s also interesting to me that this kind of conversation / exchange is definitely an example of a time when I felt “on” and engaged on all cylinders. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen too often. It’s also so refreshing to talk about this stuff with some form of data instead of just trying to pull insights out of myself that I can’t really access / explain.

I already bought the book and look forward to exploring these concepts further. I will keep you informed as things develop.


Harvard MBA, Strategy Consultant


Update: February 2013:

I had a really interesting interview/meeting last Thursday that could lead to an entrepreneurial job. The founder has a political/academic background and wants to start a company utilizing technology in higher education, health care and ultimately big data. She is looking for a CFO. I don’t think CFO is a good fit for me generally, though she imagines everyone wearing multiple hats and a start-up CFO does more interesting things than in a big company context. At this point, I just think she wants to get good people on board then figure out what to do w/them. So there’s a chance she’d be interested in me in a different role . . . it’s nice to have such good discussions of interesting ideas.