The Boys Are Well On Their Way

January 2017

Hi Anthony,

Just wanted to share an update on the boys since you helped in guiding them.
Alex will be graduating in May from Purdue engineering with a degree in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Statistics.  He accepted a job offer in November with United Airlines.  He is thrilled. He will start in revenue management and hopes to move to operations at some point.  He is excited.
Zach is in the middle of his 2nd year at University of Michigan.  He is studying geology. He will graduate in summer of 2018 after he does his field study. He is planning to stay for his “senior” year getting his masters in geology & graduate with his classmates in spring 2019.
They both really benefited by your Careerfinder program and guidance.  I’ve given out your name to lots of friends because I have seen the results first hand.
Thought you would enjoy the update.
Happy New Year,
Jill (Mom of the boys)