My High School Teens Better Understand Themselves

My High School Teens Better Understand Themselves


Just thought I’d let you know, I have listened to both Simon and Zoe’s recordings (of the aptitude testing consultations) and I was very impressed. I think your method really focuses in on a person’s character. I kept nodding my head in agreement as I was listening. I believe they are recordings that Simon and Zoe will listen to every once in awhile over the next few years especially during those moments when they perhaps feel a bit lost and indecisive. Thank you so much. I think they both have a better understanding of themselves and their abilities/talents.

For me, I think it helped confirm that this education experience in France has been good for them although incredibly difficult so much of the time. I also appreciate the fact that they may contact you in the future if they have any questions.

All the best
Kathy (Their Mother)