Web Hosting to Film Producer

From Web Hosting to Film Producer

June 2005

Dear Anthony,

It’s been a while since we last spoke, and many things have happened in my life on several planes. You were an influential figure in this transition process and I wanted to update you!

Work-wise I decided to make a documentary on the jewish vision of marriage, as I discovered (too late) that all the information for a successful marriage is contained within judaism, but most jewish people don’t know this, so I wanted to share it plus I was itching to try something to further my research of the film path. The project was very difficult but thank G-d we premiered it about a month ago and it was hugely successful. It’s a non-profit project, I didn’t charge a penny for it because it was my contribution to my jewish brothers, specially all the divorcees (the divorce rate has reached 30% within our community, which is historically very high). The documentary will be distributed for free in all spanish-speaking countries, partly with the help of other jewish organizations, and now suddenly I’m a famous person, at least within the jewish community. Incredibly several proposals have come forth to do more film/video, etc. and I will make a final decision after my honeymoon, but it’s looking quite likely that I’ll make that final jump.

Take care, and do let me know how you are.



Update: Feb, 2006

Dear Anthony, how does it? Hope all is well…

I don’t recall at what point we “spoke” last about the documentary I produced which hopefully marked the start of my new career. In any event you can now download it for free from the Internet: www.proyectomazaltov.com and then clic DOWNLOAD. Remember it’s in spanish, but still you’ll appreciate some of the images and also I give a little intro at the beginning. It’s been a huge success and some of the comments I¥ve received from couples etc are incredible!

Warm regards, Ricardo 

Update: March 1, 2006

I’m working on three new film projects now, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.