What Should I Major In?

What should I be? What college majors fit my talents? Career aptitude testing for H.S. & College Students.

college student career aptitude test

Student Career Aptitude Testing for Success in College

1. Make Smart Choices

»  College students deciding on what direction to steer their lives is one of the most important decisions they’ll make in next ten years. Generally, students are left to their own devices to answer the big question: What should I major in?  The majority of colleges don’t consider it part of their mission to include a structured career choice process that intentionally guides students to uncover their natural gifts, find their career direction, or how to hone in on a purpose in life. 

»  If your student is feeling overwhelmed by this decision, it’s not their fault. In most cases, the college classroom keeps them in a bubble, isolated from real world, making it difficult to experientially discover how their studies map to the world of work. Recent studies show that most students are unwittingly making random guesses on an major that will set the trajectory for the next couple decades of their life.

»  Our Careefinder program will reveal your student’s “hidden” innate abilities and personality traits. Awareness of their natural strengths will give students the confidence to trust their inner “personal navigation compass,” which will give them the self-agency to make wise choices on what to study in college, as well as their choices of mentors, internships, and career decisions beyond college.

2. Navigate Confidently

»  Know your profile of natural talents before you go.

»  Choose a major that fits your strengths and aspirations, and open the right doors to explore your sense of purpose.

»  Clarity of direction helps to spend your tuition money wisely.

»  Gain an early competitive edge by heading in the right career direction.

3. Enjoy the Journey

»  Avoid struggling through college or dropping out (50% never graduate, 40% take 6 years)

»  Save years of wasted time and money on an education that doesn’t fit (75% of grads say they chose an ill-suited major)

»  Be confident in your career direction (66% of college grads job hop aimlessly for a decade)

»  Reduce unhealthly stress caused by not knowing what to do with your life

4. Tips for Parents