What Should I Major In?

What should I be? What college majors fit my talents? Career aptitude test for H.S. & College Students. . .

college student career aptitude test

Discover Your Talents

What should I be when I grow up? Writer, teacher, president, actress, rockstar—the possibilities are endless. How do I narrow my choices and get my education and career started off in the right direction? Our Careerfinder CLASSIC program can help you discover your natural talents. Figure what you're really good at. » Careerfinder Classic

Choose Your Major

What should I major in? Contrary to conventional wisdom, success in college and life has more to do with choosing the right field than with the college name brand. You can outsmart the system and make college worth the money by choosing a major that fits who you are and what you do best. Our Careerfinder PLUS program can help. » Careerfinder Plus

Career Aptitude Test for College Students : The Cutting Edge

1. Make Smart Career Choices

»  College students deciding on what direction to steer their lives is one of the most important decisions they’ll make in next ten years. Most college career centers have a “job hunt” focus, they aren’t set up to help kids to discover their natural talents or find their career direction. 

»  Students are doing their best to figure out “What should I major in?” but are largely guessing, they’ve spent most of their life in a classroom, how can they really know?  A cutting edge career aptitude test reveals student’s “hidden” or innate talents, abilities, and personality traits.

»  Confidence in their natural strengths will help college students figure out what to study in college and guide their experiences, saving time and money. Students who excel in college are happily challenging their natural talents or “nurturing their inborn nature.” Working smart pays lasting dividends long after they graduate.  

2. Rock It in College

»  Know your profile of natural talents before you go.

»  Choose a major that fits your strengths and aspirations.

»  Clarity of direction helps to spend your tuition money wisely.

»  Gain an early competitive edge by heading in the right career direction.

3. Navigate Wisely

»  Avoid struggling through college or dropping out (50% never graduate, 40% take 6 years)

»  Save years of wasted time and money on an education that doesn’t fit (75% of grads say they chose the wrong major)

»  Be confident in your career direction (66% of college grads job hop aimlessly for a decade)

»  Reduce unhealthly stress caused by not knowing what to do with your life

4. Tips for Parents


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