Best $500 Spent In Years

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Best 500 Bucks I’ve Spent In Years

August 22, 2013

Hi Anthony,

career test for teensTwo years ago, my son Clay, then a high school junior, went through your Careerfinder Classic Program. During the program, he gained an understanding of why he was better suited for certain career paths and careers to consider. One of the career options you presented “hit the nail on the head.” He selected a college that meets his career path requirements, volunteered this summer at a medical establishment to gain experience, and verify that he’s on the right path. **Mission accomplished.**

He just started his freshmen year this week and knows exactly what he needs to do to be successful. To any reader of this paragraph, sign your son or daughter up for Pathfinders so you’ll never have to ask “what do you want to pursue in college?”

Best 500 bucks I’ve spent in years.

Signed, Bryan

Satisfied Customer and Happy Parent