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How it Works

Step 1

Step 1. Sign Up & Take the Test: Register online for your Careerfinder program, Classic or Plus. We mail the hardcopy testing kit to you with instructions and audio mp3s to guide you through the career aptitude assessments at home.

Step 2

Step 2. Study Your Results: Soon after you complete the tests and return them for scoring, you will receive your talent profile results by email with an audio seminar, “Understanding Your Natural Abilities,” that explains the basics of your natural talent profile.

Step 3

Step 3. Meet with Anthony: Once you’ve reviewed your results, you will then meet with a professional natural talent expert for a customized talent profile consultation that runs 1.5 hours. If you are local to the Washington D.C. metro area, your consultation session will be conducted in person. Long-distance clients would do consultation by phone or Skype.

During the consultation session, Anthony Spadafore will work directly with you to interpret your profile, answer your questions and help you to narrow your career path choices to a few well-suited career paths or highly precise fits that take advantage of your particular mix of natural abilities, weaknesses, personality traits, and subject matter interests.

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What You Get

» What’s Included? : All the cool stuff you get with the careerfinder programs, Classic and Plus.

Who For?

where can i take a career aptitude test» We help students, professionals of all ages, career changers, optimizers, entrepreneurs, executives, and teams. Understanding your inborn talents is the bedrock of making good career choices.


» Where? : We are located in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. If you’re near Washington DC, we love working face to face.

 » Long-distance logistics : If you’re not local, the programs can be completed anywhere in the United States and internationally.


Got questions?  Contact us to explore a fit with your career situation:

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