Reinvent Yourself

How do I reinvent my life and strategize a fulfilling new career path?

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Self Reinvention Principles

1. Leverage Your Natural Talents

»  Fulfilling work is built on the foundation of your natural strengths. Once you hack your innate talent code, you’ll have the keys that unlock the door to figuring out what you’re “meant to do” with your life.  

»  Starting a new career gets easier with leverage and your natural talents and wisdom are your secret weapon. People who love their work unanimously say that they are “born for what they do,” they’ve set up their life to continually practice and hone what comes most naturally to them. And those who take this one step further and land in that mysterious space called “flow” are committed to engaging their inborn talents to solve problems that truly matter to them . . .    

2. Decide What Truly Matters

»  Engaging your innate talents to solve meaningful problems is the key to doing great work and satisfying your personal definition of success.

»  Create a custom-fit purpose for your life, and then do your research. Read extensively, immerse yourself in the new domain through any means you can. Even the world’s best movers and shakers took small steps, learning as they go by ramping up slowly as they tweaked their vision . . . 

3. Ramp Up Wisely

»  If you’re making a bigger leap, look for ways to position yourself by making incremental changes that will add up in the right direction.

»  Sometimes it’s possible to optimize your current situation, streamline your commitments and focus on taking well-chosen projects that allow you to practice your new craft. A little here and there, smaller efforts add up faster than you think. And, even better than networking, the best kept secret to breaking into a new field is to start “being it” by walking the walk and rubbing elbows with people in the inner circle of the new field to make new friends and find mentors.