Pharmacist to University Dean

Pharmacist : Career Change from Pharmacy Association Director to University Dean :

Pathfinders CareerEX Program

June 2010

Greetings Anthony,

You’ve been on my mind so much lately, I just had to send you a message to give you an update about my new life and work. I started the new position at a prominent School of Pharmacy as Assistant Dean in January, 2010 … and at the minimum six-figure salary that I was hoping for! The learning curve and transition are always challenges . . . the university has more than 10,000 faculty and staff and over 30,000 students, so it’s the largest place I’ve ever worked.

I’m still impressed by all that I learned about myself in Pathfinders with your guidance! And these elements are fitting my new position very well:

  • Traits/Talents: Analytical, Systematic

  • Style: Sincere, Efficient

  • Key Job Functions: Improve Quality, Administrative

  • Primary ‘People’ Functions: manage, lead, interact with a group; inform, communicate, cultivate, and maintain relationships

  • Primary ‘Information’ Functions: organize, systemize, prioritize, plan, improve

  • Natural Roles: leader, entrepreneur, manager, right-hand person

  • Main Motivations: efficiency, get the Job Done

What a hoot, to find out so very much about myself at age 60! Better late than never.

I truly appreciate you coaching me through the profound Pathfinders process, and you will always be highly recommended by me. Pathfinders should be a rite of passage for all people, just like getting a driver’s license and registering to vote.


Career change at 60-something