Non-profit to Journalism

Career Change from Non-profit to Journalism

November 2011


How are you? Long overdue follow up! I ended up going for the Interactive Journalism program at American U.

My first class was web design and I was surprised to learn that writing HTML and CSS code is fun for me. I was struck by how many of my classmates disliked it, while for me it was pretty easy and enjoyable. Now I have my own website. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s all my work.

I was thinking of you as I was listening to a guest speaker that came to class. He’s an alumni of my program who is now a multimedia producer at The New York Times. He does incredibly interactive, fun and creative work there. If the program has done anything for me so far is that it helped me clarify that this is the type of work I want to do. In any case, one of the most memorable things he said was “You have to Google your own education,” referring to how he is a self-taught developer. I thought you’d like that. 🙂

Hope things are going well, all the best,