IT Engineer to Small Biz Marketing Entrepreneur

December 23, 2014


I hope all is well!  It has been many months since my career consultation.  I thought I would fill you in on some revaluations.

First, my wife and I finally made it out to Colorado and we love living here!  We are enjoying the mountains and all the physical activities.  I am believing more and more that where you choose to live has a strong impact on life/career decisions and ambition. 

With our move to CO I began working from home with my previous employer as an IT engineer. I am much happier working away from the cubicle pits and drama from the corporate office.  Working at home, despite some of the work I don’t enjoy, provides for a lot of freedom to get things done with a smile on my face.

While I may be happier working from home, I have not stopped seeking out new career avenues.  I think our career session ended with me tasked to investigate the medical field or something more towards being an entrepreneur.  While I have some interest in Chiropractic and have studied/talked with doctors, I have not found a large enough personal interest to take the leap towards the medical route.  I have also considered many other careers listed in your personality results, but only entrepreneurship has really excited me, however, I didn’t know which route to go or what biz to start.

Anyhow, several months ago a new entrepreneurial idea presented itself in the shape of an online marketing business.  I have since built a business and a brand to assist small business, like Chiropractors and other technology-related business, market themselves better online.  It’s not a new business concept, but a thriving industry.  Before jumping into this I carefully considered the work I’d be doing.  First, I would be a business owner with the payout being freedom from the corporate world. Most of the work would be completed by people that work for me, however, I get to do the project management and design the human computer interactive pieces of the solutions we provide, which would be website development to SEO to Email marketing and so on.  

Also, people that know about this biz, which officially begins on Jan 1, automatically seem to think I’m an expert in the field because of my IT background.  While this is nice for promoting the business, I will be relying on my workers.  My goal is to grow this business over the next year or two and work my way out of the corporate job. 

From a personality standpoint, this new business venture should provide me much opportunity to express my extroverted side by selling our products along with strategy talks with team members who will do the work.  My intuitive side will be very valuable with website design and word content marketing with SEO.  I see a lot of opportunity to be challenged daily while also being able to converse with people often.  I am really optimistic about this new business idea and what it may bring.  If it’s not the last thing I end up doing as a career, then hopefully it is a good segway!

On a completely different note, I have found myself discussing career change and the challenges that come with it with lots of people and military friends leaving the forces.  Especially with dads like me.  I have often referred to my research and consulting with you during those discussion and those people have been very appreciative of all the suggestions!  I, myself, have been trying to get on the right career track for several years and finally found some traction after consulting with you.

I appreciate you helping me get on the right track during the consultation earlier this year!

Happy Holidays!