The Gift You Gave My Daughter

November 28, 2015
Dear Anthony, 
Six years ago in 2009, you career tested my daughter who was a high-school senior in Washington, DC.  You believed, based upon the testing analysis, that her personality traits and natural talents would align well with a career in law enforcement or as a police officer because she gets bored easily and is ill-suited for a desk job.
Last August, she graduated from the Police Academy and is a rookie police officer with a local MPD.  Thus, your testing was extremely accurate.  She absolutely loves her job. Thank you for what this has meant to her and the family.  I will keep you in mind for future referrals.
Interestingly, a friend of the family also went through police training, but recently quit the force and felt he is not cut out for that line of work.  Since you made believers out of us, we want to give him the gift of what you gave to my daughter.  
PS.  It is so amazing to see that my daughter is such a natural for her job.  I am grateful every day for this.  I hope you had a truly great Thanksgiving holiday.

All the best to you and thank you one million times.
Julie, Washington, DC