More In Touch with My Gut

More In Touch with My Gut


Hello Anthony,

I hope this message finds you well and you are enjoying your summer. I wanted to share some news about the position I accepted.

Something came out of the blue and, with some thought and consideration, based on our conversations and my gut, I accepted a position with the company on a State Department project. I am working on a project related to the Sudan region and Darfur, using my analytical and communications background and experience.

The position is more policy-oriented than I had been focusing on. However, I believe it fits my profile, and I am finding it very challenging.

Just wanted to express my appreciation again for your insights during our meeting and follow-up phone call. Your assessments were extremely valuable and allowed me to get more in touch with the career skill sets and environment that would be most satisfying for me.

Again, many thanks.

Warm regards,